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Kat's June Newsletter


Breathe | Move | Thrive Welcome to June's edition of the Breathe, Move, Thrive Newsletter.

The weather is warming up and we are moving more towards experiences outdoors but were you aware of the impact nature has on your whole wellbeing and internal eco-system?

Here are just a few points on the effects of being outside and exercising in nature.

  • Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Regular exercise in fresh air will help you fall asleep quicker and also improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Fresh outdoor air and natural light invigorate and provide energy for the mind and body.

  • Sunshine provides the Vitamin D that we need and also enhances energy generation in the muscles and the tissues.

  • Outdoor exercise stimulates all five senses in a way that indoor activities do not.

  • Breathing in fresh air, feeling the ground beneath your feet and taking in all the colours and sounds nature offers, are positive stimulants for the brain and body.

  • Measured psychological tests reported greater vitality and energy and lower episodes of anger and depression.

  • Exercising outdoors boosts your immune system.

  • Evidence suggests that being in the presence of Green and Blue spaces of nature for more than 120-150 minutes a week, correlates to good physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  • By enjoying exercise outdoors you can regulate your mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety.

Here is your opportunity to experience outdoor exercise and get the tools to rest and reset your nervous system and replenish and rejuvenate your whole being.

Join me this month for Outdoor Yoga.

See the Events section below to book!





The weather is getting brighter and warmer and that means a spot of Yoga and Meditation in nature. Come and join this 45 minute class to get your high vibe weekend going.

Classes will commence Saturday, 11th June, 9am, Canoe Lake



These three elements will help you harness the power of your breath, body and mind. Each of these practices will boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve mental, psychological and emotional clarity. If you have been watching 'Freeze the Fear' with Wim Hoff, you will have noticed the profound changes the celebrities are experiencing. I hope to share some of these with you. Come and thrive!

This is a monthly event and dates for the rest of the year are available to book on the Kat Waters Yoga website, or hit the button below to book.

Sunday 12th June, Saturday 9th July or Saturday 6th August

10am, Eastney Beach



Yoga & Brunch is taking a break over the busy Summer months. Kat Waters Yoga and The Southsea Deli will return in September and dates for the rest of 2022 are available to book now.




07:00 Flow Yoga

LANO Southsea

Flowing into the week with the principles of a Hatha Vinyasa class, an emphasis on moving with your breath and building a safe and strong practice.


07:00 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class

Private outdoor location in Southsea

Classic Hatha Vinyasa class, exploring asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation.


18:30 Stretch & Strengthen Yoga

The Kings Centre, Somers Road, Southsea

Something fun for your hump day, a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method class format that is built to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance. Designed to stretch, strengthen and heal from head-to-toe. These specialised routines balance out your entire physiology.


18:00 Classic Yoga

LANO Southsea

Classic Hatha Vinyasa class exploring asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation.


09:30 Gentle Yoga

LANO Southsea

Not a classic yoga class but definitely one for all bodies looking to work a little slower, reset bad habits and work on those body blind spots. Helping to improve posture, strengthen from head to toe and eliminate pain.


You are spoilt for choice with the Online Live Membership.

With nine live classes on offer every week including Breathwork & Meditation, Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Nidra, the Yoga Tune Up® & Roll Model® Methods, with a focus on corrective movement, mobility and pain management and an on demand library of classes.

Become a part of this caring and supportive online community. Choose from unlimited monthly access or drop in when you need to reset, repair or replenish.







This autumn I will be offering more Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method Workshops along with Breath Workshops that will be looking into certain breath practices in yoga and more current breath training techniques.

To register your interest for any of these events, email


Get in Touch

I will update you all with details of live streams and other opportunities to stay in touch but in the meantime please do contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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