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​2023 Events & Workshops


Breathwork, Meditation and Cold Water Immersion

Immerse yourself in these three techniques to harness your own power and resilience to thrive and become a more powerful individual in this world. Join me each month to breathe in, bliss out and dip.

All classes start at 10am and take place on Eastney Beach.

Upcoming dates:

Sunday 24th March

Saturday 27th April

Sunday 19th May

Yoga at The Cathedral

I am delighted to be invited back by Portsmouth Cathedral for 2024 teaching my signature Yoga Class at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Classes are 60 minutes and for all levels and abilities. 

Events and spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment,

Saturday 4th May 10:30-11;30am

Saturday 3rd August 10:30-11;30am

Saturday 16th November 10:30-11;30am


Yoga and Brunch is back! 


Join me to start your Sunday off with the best possible combination of breathwork, gentle yoga and relaxation, followed by a breakfast of your choice from the new Southsea Deli brunch menu, a hot drink or juice.

Sunday 21st April - 08:30-10:30

Sunday 21st April - 08:30-10:30

This Spring I will be teaching two workshops where I share my knowledge of YogaThe Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Methods, to help you move and breathe better.

Saturday 23rd March 10am-12:30pm

Saturday 11th May 10am-12:30pm


Learning to sense and feel your way around your anatomy to strengthen, mobilise, embody your body and understand how to take care of yourself by moving and breathing better. This is a combination of some not so classical yoga moves with bonus self-massage techniques and self-care strategies! 


PLEASE NOTE: These workshop include the use of your own Original Yoga Tune Up® Balls. If you do not already have a set of The Original Yoga Tune Up® Balls, they will be available for you to use on the day and purchase afterwards for just £20. Please get in contact with Kat if you wish to buy @Kat Waters 

My Workshops are held in a private Southsea home.


After attending many of Kat's amazing yoga classes over the past year or so, I jumped at the chance to take part in her recent introduction workshop, learning the theory and practical aspects to using the yoga tune up therapy balls. 

Having a few niggling injuries from years of sport it seemed like something I could benefit from. 

As with all Kat's classes, this 3-hour workshop was no exception, structured, organised and very enjoyable. The 3 hours passed by far too quickly, but by the end once settled in "savasana" I felt like I had left the planet and my "Off" switch had been activated, which continued once I had got back home, sleeping uninterrupted for a further 12.hours straight! A very rare thing for me! 

I now carry my therapy balls with me everywhere and am confident using them as and when needed. 

A great course, very beneficial, lots learned and another tick in my yoga box.

IG - Student

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