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Breathe | Move | Thrive


Kat Waters is a highly experienced teacher of movement and yoga, with a special interest in teaching people how to take charge of their physical, mental and emotional health. Empowering each individual with a self-care toolkit and finding freedom in movement and life. Based in Portsmouth, Kat has over 20 years movement knowledge and her classes have an emphasis on:


  • breathwork

  • movement therapy

  • asana

  • bandha

  • pranayama

  • meditation

  • self-massage

Offering a wide and varied timetable throughout

the week, classes are held at convenient locations

in Portsmouth, Hampshire, as well as online.


Kat offers a truly unique experience to her clients, teaching:


  • Online 

  • Group and private classes

  • Workshops

  • Corporate workshops and seminars

  • Classes within schools, ages 6-18

Kat also teaches Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model Method®, which is a fitness and movement therapy format designed to assist in enhancing athletic performance, correcting posture and reducing pain through the utilisation of yoga, corrective movement, breathing strategies and self-massage.

 "Your breath is an internal barometer giving you                     feedback about your state of mind".

                                                                                                                                                   Jill Miller

With a passion for fitness, wellbeing, sea swimming, SCUBA diving and freediving, Kat teaches yoga pranayama with more recent breathwork techniques. Sharing the science behind each of them and how these are able to balance the bodies internal eco-system. Every participant can embody their bodies own respiration system in order to tranquillise the nervous system. Learning to apply your own ‘brake’ and ‘off’ switch in order to manage, mental, emotional and physical health.

I am really pleased with the experience I have had practising yoga with Kat. 

My balance and flexibility have improved. My back flare-ups have lessened and are easier to deal with. 

Kat has helped me understand and adjust to improve and even cured a bout of Vertigo after having her class.

I enjoy all of the classes I attend and strive to do better and this is after coming for two years. 

Thank you for the fantastic job you do.



What will you learn?

  • Experience a change in your overall wellbeing, happiness and outlook

  • Healthy and safe joint mobility, flexibility and stability

  • Build fundamental knowledge and understanding of your own body and its innermost workings.

  • Understand your own anatomy

  • How to become revitalized, invigorated, energized and replenished

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

  • Build you own library of self-massage techniques and self-care strategies

  • Build a stronger immune system

  • Help identify and manage episodes of anxiety and stress

  • Become equipped with the tools to manage and even stop anxiety and/or stress before exams, presentations and any other challenging situations before they even happen

  • Calm nervousness

  • Reduce the potentiality of heart disease

  • Learn to flip you ON switch to OFF

  • Regulate your wellbeing and mental health


Kat Waters teaches group class at LANO Yoga Southsea and Chichester, The Kings Centre, Fraser Road and The Dockyard Club, Southsea, Portsmouth and outdoor space around Southsea.

Classes can be booked individually or as a block booking.

Online live stream classes and subscribers library are also available at an affordable monthly price starting from £30.


 "Stress is the body’s way of adapting to a life that is overwhelming our internal eco-systems". Jill Miller

Personalised packages can be developed for one to one classes, workshops, seminars and classes for children.

Join Kat Waters Yoga to Breathe, move and thrive in your body and mind.

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