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Live better in your whole body


Join Kat live online 5 days a week and enjoy unlimited access to yoga, movement, breathwork and meditation classes along with a Members library offering instant access 24/7, to classes that suit your needs any moment of the day, varying in style and length.


Did you know that you are able to take charge of your mental, emotional and physical health through simple techniques, some are ancient, others more recent but all are backed by science based research.


What will you experience?

  • You will be empowered to manage and maintain your mental, emotional and physical health

  • Experience a change in your overall wellbeing, happiness and outlook

  • Simple and effective techniques that immediately soothe and tranquillise the nervous system

  • How to become revitalized, invigorated, energized and replenished

  • Relieve yourself from whole body tension and pain

  • Cultivate nervous system resiliency in order to tolerate the intensity of the highs and lows of life without falling apart

  • Breathe, move, thrive and live better in your whole body

Kat has really changed my relationship with my body (for the better!) - I'm hypermobile and I have always been able to dump my body into postures, but working with Kat has taught me how to use yoga as more than just a stretch. Through my practice with Kat, I have built core strength and stability and more importantly an understanding of my anatomy and the ability to identify when I am stretching into a "dangerzone". 

I cannot recommend Kat's classes and workshops highly enough.

NY - Client

What will you learn?

  • Healthy and safe joint mobility, flexibility and stability

  • Build fundamental knowledge and understanding of your own body and its innermost workings

  • Understand your own anatomy

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

  • Build you own library of self-massage techniques and self-care strategies

  • Build a stronger immune system

  • Help identify and manage episodes of anxiety and stress

  • Become equipped with the tools to manage and even stop anxiety and/or stress before exams, presentations and                any other challenging situations before they even happen

  • Calm nervousness

  • Reduce the potentiality of heart disease

  • Learn to flip you ON switch to OFF

  • Regulate your wellbeing and mental health


Be your own guru through the management and maintenance of whole body and mind wellness through a variety of   techniques that are accessible to all, the key to this being; consistancy.



Breath, Move, Thrive

“Kat is a great facilitator of learning. She provides a container/framework of the subject and, at the same time, allows space for questions, self-enquiry & embodiment of the work. Kat's language of anatomy is always accessible. She has great skill in isolating ‘parts’ and then looking at the body as an integrated ‘whole’. I have come away with a more comprehensive knowledge of the nervous system, fascia, the diaphragm and vagus nerve, and how I can utilise the ‘Roll Method’ in my own yoga and self-care practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kat’s teaching. She is very open, caring, knowledgable, passionate, inclusive and always on the right side of playful, her classes are always fun!”

S G - Client

Live Class Schedule


09:30 Gentle on Joints

18:30 Flow & Restore



17:30 Flow & Restore



07:30 Rise and Flow

21:30 Yoga Nidra



07:30 Rise and Flow



08:00 Breathwork & Meditation

17:30 FRIYAY


Online Class Descriptions

Breathwork & Meditation - 20 minutes

Guided breathwork and meditation to start your day off on the right path. Every participant can embody their body's own respiratory system in order to tranquillise the nervous system. Guided meditations and deep rest practices for the body and mind to reset and restore itself.


Gentle on Joints - 60 minutes

Not a classic yoga class but definitely one for all bodies looking to work a little slower, reset bad habits and work on those body blind spots. Helping to improve posture, strengthen from head to toe and eliminate pain.   


Rise & Flow / Flow & Restore - 45/60 minutes

Hatha Vinyasa Flow class, the emphasis is on moving with your breath and building a safe and strong practice. 


FRIYAY - 60 minutes

Some fun for your Friday, a Yoga Tune Up® class format. Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness format built to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance. Designed to stretch, strengthen and heal from head-to-toe, it will highlight areas that have become weakened due to overuse, underuse and misuse. These specialised routines balance out your entire physiology.


Yoga Nidra - 20 minutes

It literally meaning "yogic sleep" ,is a systematically guided series of mental exercises that can deliver you into a non-REM deep sleep state, while maintaining conscious awareness of the event. This deep state of relaxation is deeply restorative on many levels, improving anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Join the Membership today and Breathe, Move, Thrive


Only £35 a month *cancel anytime


Members library offering instant access 24/7 to classes that suits your needs any time of the day, varying in style and length.


*Each of these lessons are available to attend separately at an individual drop-in rate of £10 for 60 minute classes and £8 for Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

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