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07:00 Flow Yoga

LANO Southsea


Flowing into the week with the principles of a Hatha Vinyasa class, an emphasis on moving with your breath and building a safe and strong practice.


07:00 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class

Private outdoor location in Southsea


Classic Hatha Vinyasa class, exploring asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation.


18:30 Stretch & Strengthen Yoga

The Kings Centre, Somers Road, Southsea


Something fun for your hump day, a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method class format that is built to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance. Designed to stretch, strengthen and heal from head-to-toe. These specialised routines balance out your entire physiology.


18:00 Classic Yoga

LANO Southsea


Classic Hatha Vinyasa class exploring asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation.



09:30 Gentle Yoga

LANO Southsea


Not a classic yoga class but definitely one for all bodies looking to work a little slower and reset bad habits. Giving you time to identify those body blind spots and areas that are overused, underused, misused and abused. Helping to improve posture, eliminate pain and strengthen from head to toe.  

Kat’s teachings are a recent discovery for me, but I had heard good things so wanted to see whether her approach might be something that could help me. Her emphasis on functional movement and understanding how breath and movement go hand in hand have done absolute wonders - I’ve had worsening hip pain for about the last 8 years and in one single class she unlocked something that’s pretty much eliminated the issue. This gives me real confidence that in time I might be able to improve my strength, be able to move more fluidly, and address some of the other side effects of long term physical discomfort. I’d recommend Kat’s classes to anyone - she’s an absolute magician!

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